Bassoon Reed, Herzberg Model

The Herzberg Reed, by Andrew Burn. The Herzberg model was developed using cane machined from the equipment produced by Norman Herzberg. With the unique shape and profile, as well as using Herzberg’s forming methodology, the reed has an excellent response, is flexible in its tonal qualities, and is overall very easy to play. Herzberg reeds are an excellent tool to have in the reed box of any orchestral player.

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Minimum price: CHF24.00


Professional Bassoon Reed for Heckel bassoon made with cane gouged with unparalleled precision (+/- 0.01mm). Profiled with a Precision Music Products Ltd. Profiler. Made with the best material available.

This is a great reed for any post-war bassoon. Warm sound and especially wonderful response in low register – very easy to play!

Top Tip from Andrew

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