I invite you to unlock the secrets of bassoon reedmaking with my online lessons tailored for both amateur bassoonists and pre-professionals. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, my expert instruction covers everything from the basics of reedmaking to advanced topics like gouge alterations and reed adjustment. I will guide you through the best practices for using reed-making machines and dive into the intricacies of reed design and theory. Elevate your bassoon playing with my personalized guidance and master the art of reedmaking. Sign up now and let’s take your bassoon reeds to the next level!

Once you have purchased a lesson (or series of lessons), I will contact you to schedule. Consultations take place via Zoom. Please have a decent camera and microphone, a stable internet connection, and be able to demonstrate your reed-making on camera.

Please note that, as I reside in Switzerland, all lessons will take place during business hours here in the Central European Time Zone.