Bassoon Reed, Professional

*New style as of September 2023

A hybrid European/North American design made for those looking for an easier-responding reed with a dark sound. This model has been redeveloped and tested with a number of different bassoons including Fox 222s, 240s, thick-wall Bell Bassoons, and pre-war Heckels.

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Suggested price: CHF22.00

Minimum price: CHF20.00


Professional Bassoon Reed for Heckel bassoon made with cane gouged with unparalleled precision (+/- 0.01mm). Profiled with a B.H. Bell profiler. Finished with a Reeds ‘n Stuff tip profiler. A standard design used for all purposes with the best material available.

These reeds are great for orchestral 2nd-bassoonists, serious amateurs, and students. Easy response in all registers, beautiful sound, and the Fox 2 shape fits well with most bassoons.

Top Tip from Andrew

Additional information

Weight 2 g



Rieger 1A

Total Length


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