Reed Experiments


Baroque Bassoon Reeds

Q1 2019

By the end of March 2019 a number of reed experiments will have taken place in our workshop. Our focus this time will be on reeds for the following instruments:

  • Wolf HKICW
  • Wolf Scherer
  • PdK Eichentopf/Rockobauer
  • Bonair Wietfeld

Our experiments will include alterations to the standard profile (spine/no spine, straight taper/tip taper, etc), as well as changes to the standard gouge (linear enhancement/parallel enhancement, etc.). All experiments will be informed by Andrew’s 2018 Residence with Jim McKay (author of The Bassoon Reed Manual). Ideas from those who register are always welcome, however we reserve the right to send only those reeds which we think best demonstrate a working model.

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