From Friday the 13th until Sunday the 15th of August 2021, I will host an online workshop for all of those interested in learning more about the music of the Baroque and Classical period, historical performance practice, and of course performing on period bassoons!

Historical Bassoons in the Afternoons is a three-day workshop incorporating masterclasses with some of the world’s top historical bassoonists, a reed workshop, a performance, a presentation, and a round-table discussion on a relevant topic.

All of the activities will take place online – and will be occurring in the afternoons and evenings European time so as to be easily accessible for any North Americans who might wish to join us.

I know some of you are throwing your eyebrows up at this being a workshop for historical bassoonists, but if you play the modern bassoon (what you would call a ‘normal’ bassoon) you are just as welcome!

After purchasing your ‘ticket’ you will receive a link to fill out a form to help me know a little bit more about you as well as allow you to apply to play in one of the masterclasses if you so wish. You’ll also be able to tell me your preference as to which masterclass you’d like to participate in, but space will be limited.